Advisor Announcement:
Ken (RD Group) X Project Oasis

Dear Natives,

Join us in welcoming the 1st of many great additions to Team Oasis, it is with great honor that we introduce Ken from RD Group to our metaverse. From humble beginnings, Ken started RD Group alone and has managed to grow RD ‘Familia’ into a reputable community in the crypto space. With his experience, knowledge and shared vision of the OASIS, we are closer to our goals of creating a fun GameFi environment for all natives.

The founders of OASIS were very fortunate to have befriended Ken on their journey in the crypto space, Ken’s influence has played an important role in establishing strong fundamentals and values that shape the vision of Project Oasis. We are grateful for this opportunity and look forward to the journey ahead.

Project Links:

🌏 Website | 📡 Twitter | 👽 Medium | 📙 Gitbook | 🤖 TG Announce | TG 中文



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