<UPDATED> Guide: How To Stake/Farm in the Oasis Metaverse v2

4 min readJul 3, 2022


Hey Natives,

This is the updated guide on how to stake/farm in the Oasis Metaverse!

Head to the staking building, which is the greenhouse in the Plaza map to start staking your tokens.

Every 300 $OASIS tokens staked = 1 Raffle Ticket

Pool Multipliers

For $OASIS Single Stake Pool

How to Create a New Account

Step 1 — Click on “Sign Up”

Step 2 — Save your 12-word account backup phrase (Make sure to keep it somewhere you remember!)

Step 3 — Key in the words in your backup phrase. Match the correct number to the word in your phrase.

Step 4 — Choose a username & password

How to Login

Step 1 — Key in your password

Step 2 — Click on the portal

Step 3 — Select your network (BSC Mainnet)

Step 4 — Connect your MetaMask Wallet

Step 5 — A prompt will ask if you want to bind your wallet to the profile that you have just created (Note: You can only do this once!)

Directions to Staking Farm🌾

Step 1 — You will spawn in front of the Yggdrasil tree. Cross the bridge on your right & click to walk down.

Step 2 — Walk down the path & head right to the next map (Plaza).

Step 3 — Walk to your right & head up following the path. Click on the greenhouse, which is the staking building.

How to Stake/Farm🧑‍🌾

Step 1 — Click on the farmer NPC to open up the staking menu.

Step 2 — Choose the farm you want to stake in.

Step 3 — Click on the “Approve” button to approve your $OASIS spend. A MetaMask transaction will appear, click on “Confirm”.

Step 4 — Click on the “Stake” button to stake your $OASIS tokens. Input your desired amount to stake.

Step 5— You can now see your $OASIS staked amount. Click on the “Claim” button in the Pending Rewards section to begin your reward’s vesting schedule.

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