Guide: Main Buildings Locations in Oasis v2

3 min readJul 8, 2022


Hey Natives!

Welcome to the Oasis Metaverse v2 tour! Due to major tectonic shifts, a number of things in our map have moved around. Join us for a quick overview of the where the main buildings in Oasis are located!

Town Center

🚀OLá Launchpad

Apply for whitelisting & participate in IDOs here! Don’t forget to claim your tokens after the vesting period has ended for the project you’ve invested in.


Participate in INOs here to mint NFTs of various projects!

A-minting we will go!


🌾Staking Farm Greenhouse

Stake and grow your $OASIS tokens here!

Tip: For every 300 $OASIS tokens staked, you are entitled to receive a raffle ticket which will grant you the following benefits!*

- earn $OASIS tokens with attractive APR
- entry to raffles for GA spots in upcoming IDOs and INOs
- additional plays for PVE games
- early access to new features in Oasis
A safe place to grow & nurture your $OASIS tokens!

🛡️OASIS Vanguard Graveyard

Play our exciting new PVE game, OASIS Vanguard! Kill monsters, climb the leaderboards, and earn Oasis nuggets to exchange them for rewards!

Defend Oasis from the clutches of evil!

And that concludes our tour of the main attractions in Oasis! There are other sights and sounds in the Oasis metaverse, so we recommend that you take a scenic walk around to see what else is there!

Happy exploring, Natives!

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