IDO Guide: OLá 2.0 — Bountie Hunter IDO

Greetings Natives!

We hope everyone is excited for the Bountie Hunter IDO this 6th April 2022, 12pm UTC!

The Launchpad will be updated to version 2.0 before the IDO, you can now enter the OLá building to participate!

We’ve prepared a guide on how to participate in the IDO using OLá 2.0
(Guide is right after the IDO details)


Token Sale will be in $BUSD

IDO Start Time (3 Phases):

  1. Guaranteed Allocation (for raffle tickets only)
    12:00PM UTC — 60 min Headstart
  2. Whitelist FCFS (for all whitelist categories)
    1:00PM UTC — 60 min Headstart
  3. Public (open to everyone)
    2:00PM UTC

IDO End Time: 7th April 2022, 12:00PM UTC

Soft Cap: 50,000 BUSD
Hard Cap: 100,000 BUSD
IDO Price: $0.02 per $BOUNTIE
Listing Price: $0.02 per $BOUNTIE
Minimum Contribution: $50 BUSD
Maximum Contribution: $300 BUSD
Vesting: 12.5% TGE, 12.5% every 2 weeks

All token claims will be done on OLá launchpad.


Step 1 — Visit & click “Play Now”!
Step 2 — Choose a server.
Step 3 — Connect your Web 3 Wallet (We recommend MetaMask). Make sure that it is on Binance Smart Chain.
Step 4 — You will spawn by the Airdrop tree. Click “Sign” to verify ownership of your wallet. Then walk to the right and make your way to the OLá Launchpad (rocketship building).
Step 5 — Click on the OLá Launchpad building, you will enter it.
Step 6 — Select Metamask or WalletConnect (depending on your wallet type).
Step 7— Click on “Martin the Boarding Assistant” & the IDO UI will pop up!
Step 8— Click on the Bountie contribution pool.
Step 9— Click the “BUY” button.
Step 10 — Approve spending of $BUSD & “Confirm” the transaction.
Step 1 1— Enter your buy amount, click “BUY” & “Confirm” the transaction.


Step 1 — Click on the “MY PROJECTS” tab & click on the contribution pool.
Step 2— Here you will see a timer countdown to the next claim & the total tokens you are entitled to. Click “Claim All” to claim your tokens.

And that’s it! You’ve successfully completed your IDO on the new & improved OLá 2.0.




#BSC #GameFi #NFT #Metaverse #ProjectOasis

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#BSC #GameFi #NFT #Metaverse #ProjectOasis

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