INO Guide: OLáMint — Onde Finance INO

Hello Natives!

We can’t wait to launch Onde Finance’s INO on OLáMint! Happening soon on 15th April 2022, 5AM UTC!

We’ve prepared a guide on how to participate in the INO using our very new OLáMint! (Guide is right after the INO details)


INO will be in $USDT

Date: 15th April 2022
5:00AM UTC

Total mintable NFTs on OLáMint: 175

There will be 4 Tiers of NFTs offered:
• Basic
• Silver
• Gold
• Platinum


Step 1 — Visit & click “Play Now”!
Step 2 — Choose a server.
Step 3 — Connect your Web 3 Wallet (We recommend MetaMask). Make sure it’s on Binance Smart Chain.
Step 4 — You will spawn by the Airdrop tree. Click “Sign” to verify ownership of your wallet. Then walk down to OLáMint (NFT Minting building).
Step 5 — Click on the OLáMint building, you will enter it.
Step 6 — Select Metamask or WalletConnect (depending on your wallet type).
Step 7 — Click on the “MintBot” & the INO UI will pop up!
Step 8 — Select the NFT tier you want to mint.
Step 9 — You can view the NFT tier details such as price & allocation. Click the “BUY” button.
Step 10 — Enter the amount of NFTs, click “APPROVE” & “Confirm” the transaction.
Step 1 1 — Click “BUY” & “Confirm” the transaction.

And that’s all there is to it! You’ve just minted your Onde NFT!




#BSC #GameFi #NFT #Metaverse #ProjectOasis

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#BSC #GameFi #NFT #Metaverse #ProjectOasis

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