OASIS Diaries #3: Calling All Heroes!

The Core Gameplay

You play as a hero character defending against relentless waves of monsters who are out to kill you. Collect drops to level up your character in the game after each wave. But as you get stronger, so do the enemies.

The entrance to the game. Dare you enter to play?

Things that Go Bump In the Dark

Move your character around the map using your keyboard controls. Your aim is to avoid getting hit by enemy creatures lurking in the dark. If you get hit too many times, your HP bar gets depleted and the game ends.

Those spiders seem friendly… or maybe not

Monster Madness

Different enemies will appear throughout the game. Defeat as many as you can before they defeat you!

Monster party time!

Upgrade your Stats Every Wave

After completing each wave, you get to choose which stats to invest in to strengthen your character. These stat upgrades only last for one game, so if your character dies and you start a new game, your stats will be reset as well.

You need to collect these shiny babies for EXP to upgrade your stats

Power-Up Buffs

Buffs are randomly dropped from killing enemies. They can boost your character for a short period of time so use them wisely!

With the power of lightning!
Shields up!

Leaderboards & Prizes

Complete the waves, earn kills and rack up points! Your scores will be recorded on daily, weekly, and monthly leaderboards. The top players will be awarded vouchers, which can be used to redeem prizes from the reward center.

Multiplayer Mode

Are you a lone hero? Or will you fight with a partner who’s got your back?



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