OASIS Diaries #5: Legend of the Vanguard

Legend of the OASIS Vanguard

A spooky graveyard uncovered. Evil beings that lurk within. Deep within the dark recesses of Oasis, lie cursed beings that seem to be sapping the energy from the land and everything around it.

Game Mechanics🎮

The Goal: Survive as many rounds as you can against the evil creatures that are out to get you. Kill them before they kill you.


How many d’you think you can take down?

Leaderboards — Daily, Weekly & Monthly

I want to be the very best, that no one ever was

Daily Leaderboard — Rack up Your Points!🎖

The daily leaderboard records your accumulated score for that day. The score you gain from each playthrough will be added to your total score for this leaderboard.

Weekly & Monthly Leaderboards — Aim for the Highest Scores!🏆

For the weekly and monthly leaderboards, only your highest score achieved in a single playthrough will count. Playing more rounds will not increase your recorded high score.

OASIS Nuggets

Behold, the almighty nugget

Reward Center🎁

  • Whitelist Spots
  • Ecosystem Rewards
  • Gift Cards
  • Raffles (for physical products)
  • and more!

Max Plays Per Day

All Natives get a base amount of 5 plays per day.

Additional Benefits for Attributed NFT Holders & Stakers

Early Access to Soft Launch

Get to play the alpha version of OASIS Vanguard before anyone else! Make sure to join our Discord VIP channel and verify yourself to gain access.

Additional Plays

Attributed NFT holders and stakers will start with a base amount of 10 plays per day. Gain extra plays per day depending on the number and rarity of Attributed NFTs and raffle tickets you hold:

EXTRA Passes 🎫

What is the EXTRA pass, you ask? Why, it gives you extra plays.

A Self-Sustaining Economy



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