OASIS Diaries #8: Towards a Social Metaverse (Upcoming Features)

In-depth Partner Integration

Partner Building Exterior Redesign

Redesign of partner buildings
Can you spot the 2 critters?

Interior Design — Standard Building

Standard partner building interior design

Interior Design — Customized

Guess who this swanky place belongs to?

Interactable Partnership Module — Updated

Map UI Enhancements

Zone Change Indicator

Building Hover Highlight & Info

Building Pre-loader Sprite

Swoosh! Poof! Alakazam!

Roadblocks to Areas in Development

Naughty kids, keep out!

Social Interactivity Features

Friends-list UI

Friendly friends, unite!

Chat Channels UI — Updated

Chit chat with other Natives!

In-Game Gesture Animations and Stickers for Telegram & Discord

Sample preview, more to come 👀

Going Once, Going Twice! (Upcoming Feature)

Hmmm… these look new



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