OASIS Diaries #8: Towards a Social Metaverse (Upcoming Features)

4 min readAug 3, 2022


Hello Natives!

It’s time once again for OASIS Diaries!

As we head towards a more social-centric experience we will be focusing on several key areas — in-depth partner integration, map UI enhancements, and social interactivity features.

In-depth Partner Integration

Partner Building Exterior Redesign

Each and every of our partner buildings has been remodeled with a unique design that represents them. With animations in the works!

Redesign of partner buildings
Can you spot the 2 critters?

Interior Design — Standard Building

We’ve also been busy furnishing the interior design of our partner buildings! You will be able to walk into the many different partner buildings to hang out inside with your friends and even interact with the objects inside.

Standard partner building interior design

Interior Design — Customized

Some of our partners will have specially customized interiors for their buildings! A little snazz and jazz… and maybe even special rooms!

Guess who this swanky place belongs to?

Interactable Partnership Module — Updated

Along with building modifications, we’re also reworking the UI for the interactable partnership modules.

Map UI Enhancements

We’re constantly working on improving the in-game user experience. The next upcoming changes will be quality of life (QOL) enhancements to the map UI.

Zone Change Indicator

When you enter a different zone, the zone change indicator will alert you of your current area location.

Building Hover Highlight & Info

Buildings that can be interacted with will show a highlight aura accompanied by the building info when you hover over it.

Interactable objects will also show a highlight indicator when hovered upon.

Building Pre-loader Sprite

Sometimes, buildings take a while to materialize from a different dimension. We’re adding a casting animation while it loads.

Swoosh! Poof! Alakazam!

Roadblocks to Areas in Development

Roads to areas which are still in development will be cordoned off.

Naughty kids, keep out!

Social Interactivity Features

Here’s your chance to become popular in the Oasis metaverse! Make friends, talk to people, give them a friendly wave, or have a dance!

Friends-list UI

Here you can find new friends and add them to your list.

Friendly friends, unite!

Chat Channels UI — Updated

We’re reworking the chat channels UI as well! You can view your own created channels, channels you’ve joined, and also public channels.

Chit chat with other Natives!

In-Game Gesture Animations and Stickers for Telegram & Discord

Get your groove on with new animations and stickers! Look forward to it real soon!

Sample preview, more to come 👀

Going Once, Going Twice! (Upcoming Feature)

Put up your NFTs for auction, or bid on NFTs that others have placed in the auction house!

Hmmm… these look new

Which features are you most excited about?

Stay tuned for more updates!

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