OASIS Diaries #9: Attributed NFTs Makeover & Girl Power

Hello Natives!

In this week’s OASIS Diaries, we’ll be talking about the Attributed NFT redesign and… future feminine options?👀

Let’s get to it!

Oasis Metamorphosis

The Oasis metaverse has gone through a major revamp with many changes and is still continuing to evolve. From trees and plants, buildings, UI interface, to a smoother and faster experience. Team Oasis is always striving to make Oasis a better place each and every day.

Attributed NFT Redesign

Going forth with our redesign, we can’t forget the Attributed NFTs!

What are Attributed NFTs?

Every Native starts out with the default Oasis boy, which serves as your in-game avatar. But this is not your only option.

In fact, there are 1,500 Attributed NFTs from our Series 1 that you can choose to equip as your avatar in the Oasis metaverse as part of the utility of owning a particular Attributed NFT.

(Note: the redesign process is still in progress and not indicative of the final product)

Luxurious beards are in style right now.🧔

Designed by our very own Native artist, Roflchoptar, every single one of the Attributed NFTs is unique and randomly generated. Each NFT has a set of different attributes in the metadata (hat, shield, clothes, etc.) that affects the NFT’s appearance in-game.

The original design was created using sprite sheets for animation in the game. The new, redesigned version uses Spine, with a notably higher resolution of 1.5 times greater pixel density compared to the original. (Read more about our transition from sprite sheets to Spine here)

Glowing up but still rocking that fabulous purple hat~

Do I Get To Keep My Original Attributed NFT Design?

Yes! The original design of the Series 1 Attributed NFTs will not be deleted and will still show up when you view your NFT in marketplaces such as tofuNFT.

So where does the new design come in?

In the Oasis metaverse is where you can experience the new transformation! You will soon be able to equip the new design of any Attributed NFTs you own and be able to walk around and socialize with others in the game!

How it Works

All of your Attributed NFT metadata remains the same, but the metadata of the new design will be added on. We will update the current metadata of your Attributed NFT to reflect this additional data.

In short, you get to keep both the original version metadata and use the new redesigned version of your Attributed NFT as an avatar!

Ex-scythe-ing things ahead!

Your Attributed NFT as an Exclusive Access Pass

Your Attributed NFT will act as your access pass to certain locations or special features in Oasis, such as our PVE minigame, OASIS Vanguard. To make use of it in this way, you will need to equip your NFT through the inventory system.

Sample only. No orangutans were harmed.

Gain Extra Plays in Oasis Minigames

Owning an Attributed NFT will give you extra plays in Oasis minigames such as OASIS Vanguard. The number of extra plays depends on the number and rarity of Attributed NFTs you own. This is in addition to having a base of 10 extra plays per day if you hold an Attributed NFT.

Extra plays for the OASIS Vanguard minigame

Other Utilities of Owning an Attributed NFT

𝗨𝘁𝗶𝗹𝗶𝘁𝗶𝗲𝘀 (𝗖𝗨𝗥𝗥𝗘𝗡𝗧):

  • Eligible for guaranteed allocation for Whitelist spots in upcoming IDOs/INOs
  • Access to our Discord VIP channel for Alphas & early previews
  • Be the first to experience new features in Oasis
  • Join the OASIS Army — get rewarded while building up Oasis together!
Playing around with additional new designs

Femme Fatale — Opening Up to Future Feminine Avatar Options

Want to go dating in the metaverse? Or maybe you just want to feel pretty and doll up some time. It’s the 21st century, nothing wrong with expressing your feminine self whether in the metaverse or elsewhere.

”Be who you want to be.“

Bow down to girl power!🎀

After all, why limit ourselves to just clothes and hairstyles typical of one gender? There’s so much more we can include in our NFT designs if we take inspiration from the fairer sex. Look forward to new options for hairstyles, clothes, and accessories!

Coming several months down the road so hold onto your skirts, girls.

What’s next? We’ve got exciting things lined up in our plans! We’ll be sharing more on this — just stay tuned to our social media channels below for more updates!

See you in the next diaries, Natives!

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