⚔OASIS Vanguard: How-to-Play Guide🛡



How to Move

How to Attack

And my axe!


Player Info Display

Health Bar

Don’t go breaking my heart

Experience Gauge Bar

My preciousssss

Stat Upgrade Panel

Hmmm… tanky build or a fast one? Or maybe stronger attack power?


Power-up make you stronk

Special Hearts

An extra heart is hard to come by these days

Game Score

Score as shown in-game
Here lies a valiant hero who gave his life to defend Oasis


Daily Leaderboard

  • Accumulated score — the score you gain from each playthrough will be added to your total score for this leaderboard

Weekly & Monthly Leaderboards

  • Highest score in a single playthrough — playing more rounds will not increase your recorded high score

Reset Times

Reward Center🎁

Alpha Version Out on 30th June, 11 AM UTC — Early Access!

Exclusive for Attributed NFT holders and Raffle Ticket holders (stake at least 300 $OASIS)!



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