OASIS Vanguard Leaderboard Reward Scheme

Greetings Natives!

We hope you’ve been enjoying our new PVE game, OASIS Vanguard!

The chef is done cooking and perfecting the Oasis Nuggets ($NUGS).👨‍🍳🤌

Made with our secret recipe™

Be one of the Top 20 on our leaderboards in OASIS Vanguard to be rewarded with Oasis Nuggets ($NUGS). You can use these nuggets to redeem prizes from the Rewards Center. Rewards Center rewards to be announced soon!

We have recorded the scores and will be distributing the Oasis Nuggets ($NUGS) via Airdrop this week!

🏆Rewards Distribution Table

How Leaderboards Work — Daily, Weekly & Monthly

Daily Leaderboard

  • Accumulated score — the score you gain from each playthrough will be added to your total score for this leaderboard

Weekly & Monthly Leaderboards

  • Highest score in a single playthrough — playing more rounds will increase your recorded high score

🎟️Private Beta Pass — How to Get One?

The Private Beta release of OASIS Vanguard is out right now, and it’s available for Attributed NFT holders, stakers, and Private Beta Pass holders!

We’ll be holding events and giveaways throughout the Private Beta period to give out more passes! So join our Discord and be on the lookout for opportunities to pick up a Private Beta Pass!

Happy nugget-a-hunting, Natives!🍗

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