OLá Launchpad : Whitelisting Guide



  • You can “obtain” raffle tickets by staking in either our OASIS single side staking or OASIS-BNB LP staking farms.”
  • Raffle ticket holders will have a chance to get whitelisted for Guaranteed Allocation & Whitelisted FCFS.
  • Follow this guide to learn how to stake $OASIS & Oasis-BNB LP,
  • Once you’ve staked your $OASIS & OASIS-BNB LP register yourself here

2. Oasis Attributed NFT (NFT HOLDER)

  • Own or hold 1 or more Attributed NFTs for a chance to get whitelisted.
  • Each Attributed NFT you hold will act as 1 raffle ticket for the Whitelist FCFS round.
  • Oasis NFT Holders fill up this form
  • Aside from getting whitelists, you can also equip it as an avatar in the Oasis Metaverse as well.
  • You can get your Attributed NFT by Minting it at the Minting Machine (While stocks last), or buying it off Agora Marketplace , TofuNFT & Lootex
Mint it at our NFT Minting Machine

3. Oasis Native Family (Whitelist FCFS)

  • Step 1 -Use any of our Attributed NFT or default avatar as a display picture on your Twitter and Discord
  • Step 2 -Change your displayed name to <name> | ProjectOasis
  • Step 3- Retweet Pinned Tweet
  • Step 4 -Fill up this google form

4. Gleam Whitelisting Campaign (Whitelist FCFS)



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