OLá Launchpad X Bountie Hunter: IDO Details, Whitelisting Guide

The peaceful land of Oasis, where the grass is green and the Natives are friendly.

But one day, hostile outsiders appeared to wage war. Strong and ambitious, they were known as the Bountie Hunters. Always ready to fight — for glory, riches and honor. The Bountie Hunters fought their way throughout the outer lands, and now they want to expand their reach to the Moon. Their plan? To take over the Oasis rocketship.

But after peace talks with the Oasis Natives, they came to an agreement. The Natives would help the Bountie Hunters board the rocketship and launch to the Moon, in exchange for shared riches from the spoils of battle.

And so, Bountie Hunter is set to launch on OLá Launchpad on: 6th April, 12pm UTC.


Token Sale will be in $BUSD

IDO Start Time (3 Phases):

  1. Guaranteed Allocation (for raffle tickets only)
    12:00PM UTC — 60 min Headstart
  2. Whitelist FCFS (for all whitelist categories)
    1:00PM UTC — 60 min Headstart
  3. Public (open to everyone)
    2:00PM UTC

IDO End Time: 7th April 2022, 12:00PM UTC

Soft Cap: 50,000 BUSD
Hard Cap: 100,000 BUSD
IDO Price: $0.02 per $BOUNTIE
Listing Price: $0.02 per $BOUNTIE
Minimum Contribution: $50 BUSD
Maximum Contribution: $300 BUSD
Vesting: 12.5% TGE, 12.5% every 2 weeks

All token claims will be done on OLá launchpad.


There will be 3 rounds of whitelisting :

  • Raffle Tickets Holders (Guaranteed Allocation)
  • Attributed NFT Owners ( Whitelisted FCFS)
  • Public — Gleam Contest, Oasis Native Family ( Whitelisted FCFS)

The whitelisting period will close on the 4th of April 2pm UTC.

Here are the guides for each round :


(Guaranteed Allocation / Whitelisted FCFS)

Great news Natives! We have set-up a Gamified Whitelisting system this time around!

Here’s a quick and easy guide on how you can apply to get whitelisted!

Step 1 — Visit ProjectOasis.io and click “Play Now”!

Step 2 — Choose a server.

Step 3— Connect your Web 3 Wallet (We recommend MetaMask). Make sure that it is on Binance Smart Chain.

Step 4 — You will spawn by the Airdrop tree. Click “Sign” to verify ownership of your wallet. Then walk to the right and make your way to OLá (rocketship building).

Step 5 — At OLá you will see a girl holding a whitelist sign, click on her and a Whitelisting UI will appear.

Step 6 — In the Whitelisting UI, you can see the number of Raffle Tickets and Attributed NFT tickets you have.

Step 7 — Click “Apply for Whitelist” and you’ll be entered into the respective raffles
- Raffle Ticket (Guaranteed Allocation)
- Attributed NFT ( Whitelisted FCFS)

Step 8 — Stay tuned to the announcements for when to check for results or click “Notify Me” to receive email updates!


(Whitelisted FCFS)

Step 1 — Visit Our Gleam Form:

Step 2 — Complete the tasks

Step 3 — Wait for the results!


(Whitelisted FCFS)

To be part of the Oasis Native Family, you just need to follow these 4 steps.

Step 1 — Use any of our Attributed NFT or default avatar as a display picture on your Twitter and Discord

Step 2— Change your displayed name to <name> | ProjectOasis

Step 3 — Retweet Pinned Tweet

Step 4 — Fill up this google form



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