OLáMint Presents🚀 — Onde Finance🥯

Good day, Natives!

We are proud to officially unveil OLáMint, our very own launchpad for Initial NFT Offerings (INOs)!

To kick things off, we will be launching Onde Finance, the very first INO on OLáMint, coming this April. Onde Finance brings you NFTs with a twist!

Read on to find out: why Onde’s NFTs are a sweet deal.🍬

Onde Finance — Hold-to-Earn NFTs

Non-Fungible Tokens or NFTs are essentially digital pieces of art. Like physical art pieces, you can buy, collect, admire, or even sell them off. Onde Finance adds more value to NFTs through their NFT Hold-to-Earn model. You can earn crypto rewards by just holding Onde NFTs!

How does it work?

For each Onde NFT, Onde Finance invests 90% of proceeds from the mint into crypto hedge funds and returns part of the profit back to holders. Just by owning an Onde NFT in your wallet, you’ll be able to redeem monthly crypto rewards which are accessible via their Onde Dashboard.

Own an Onde NFT at Affordable Rates

Typical NFTs can get pretty pricey, ranging from thousands of dollars all the way up to being worth millions. The average person might find it hard to get into the NFT market without steep pockets.

Onde Finance offers NFTs at more reasonable prices. You can own Onde NFTs at a starting price of $100 and get monthly crypto rewards based on the NFT tier rank. The higher the rank, the better the rewards.

Meet the Onde Crew

(only available through Onde Finance)

Additional Utilities of Onde NFTs

Onde NFT holders can also look forward to other utilities of Onde NFTs which are currently in the pipeline, such as access to GameFi, Web2 connectivity, as well as Onde lending and borrowing.

Onde Token Airdrop for GENESIS SERIES 1 Holders

The first range of Onde NFT fall under the GENESIS SERIES 1, which consists of a limited amount of 1,500 randomly generated NFT.

GEN SERIES 1 Onde NFT holders will be able to enjoy airdrops of Onde Tokens. The GEN SERIES 1 Onde NFTs will be available this April while stocks last, so stay tuned to find out how you can get one of your own!


  • Onde Token Airdrop
  • Initial NFT Offering
  • Onde Summit
  • CEX Listing
  • GameFi Launch
  • Onde Lending




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#BSC #GameFi #NFT #Metaverse #ProjectOasis

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