ProjectOasis: Q2 Wrap-up

5 min readJul 1, 2022


Hey Natives!

We’ve just launched our biggest update yet —Oasis metaverse v2 and our OASIS Vanguard PVE feature! This is on top of the other items we’ve listed on our roadmap.

We know you guys have been patiently waiting and we really want to thank all our Natives for your continued trust and support. Team Oasis has been able to keep building and working hard because of you.

So, let’s take a look at all that we’ve achieved in Q2!

Going Back to Our Roots

Our goal in ProjectOasis has always been to create a true metaverse that links to other platforms and is not just a standalone world. In Q2, this has been our main focus, starting with a total revamp of our game’s new look to reflect this, our integration module to link to other platforms, and our land module tool for our map expansion.

Oasis Metaverse v2

New Login Screen

Revamped UI & Settings

Map & Buildings Redesign

Character Redesign

Spine (2D Skeletal Animation Software)

For our character redesign, we made a major switch from using sprite sheets to the 2D skeletal animation software, Spine.

This gives us better scalability and allows for a more efficient workflow, which allows for large-scale character design to be done in a shorter time, such as more NFTs, weapons and cosmetics! Not only that, we get smoother character movements and transition between animation.


We’ve got a brand new logo to go with our fresh new world! Our new logo is centered on our tree, which is also our portal to other worlds!

Revolutionary Social Interaction Integration (Decentralized Cross-Platform Profile — PoC Stage)

Imagine if you could have true ownership of your Metaverse profile. A sort of digital passport that is tied to a unique username and linked to your Web3 wallet. This passport, or profile system keeps a record of all your activities in the Oasis metaverse. But it’s not only limited to Oasis, all these data can also be carried over to other platforms!

To create your profile and link it to your wallet, you will be given a 12-word backup phrase (Note: this is different from your 12-word phrase for MetaMask or other wallets).

Complete the login process to create your very own Oasis metaverse profile!

Oasis Carnival (Minigames) — P2E Beta

Games, prizes and fun! That’s what Oasis Carnival is all about. Play minigames in Oasis to earn Oasis nuggets, then cash them in for awesome prizes!

OASIS Vanguard

Step right up! Challenge yourself by defeating as many enemies as you can! Climb the leaderboards and get rewarded with Oasis nuggets!

Alpha launch has just started so check it out in the game!

More details on OASIS Vanguard

NFT Farming Game (Upcoming)

More NFT utility coming soon!

Make your NFTs work for you! If you own an Oasis Attributed NFT, you can park them in the farming game for a certain amount of hours to earn Oasis nuggets! The amount of nuggets you get varies depending on the number of hours. When it’s done, you can send them out to work again!

We’ve also planned an upcoming starter quest in the game where you can mint an NFT for free when you complete the quest! You can use this NFT to participate in the farming game. It will be available to everyone, so don’t miss out!

Easy Access Integration Tool for Oasis Metaverse (Cross-Engine Integration)

To be a true metaverse, this requires us to be able to link up with other platforms in an integrated network. We’ve created a tool which allows cross-engine integration between Oasis and other decentralized applications (DApps).

For example, integrations with our partner projects or other third-party platforms. We also have the possibility of integrating an existing game into Oasis, perhaps through a portal. This will help us reach our ongoing goal of expanding our metaverse with greater ease.

Interactable Partnership Module

Want to know more about other interesting DeFi projects but don’t know where to start? Just take a walk around Oasis and check out our partner buildings, which we’ve integrated into the game. If you click on the buildings, you can view that partner’s info, including links to their website and social media. Knowledge is power, so keep yourself armed!

Early Access Land Development (for Map Expansion)

We’ve already set up the basic framework for our land development module. This tool is vital in preparing the groundwork for our world map expansion. The next step that we are currently working on is to add more functions to this module, such as the map editor.

Phew, that was a long list! The team has really outdone themselves this quarter. We’re not stopping anytime soon so look forward to more future updates!

See you in the Oasis metaverse, Natives!

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