ProjectOasis: Q3 Wrap-up & A New Direction

Hey Natives!

It’s that time again. With the closing of Q3, time to look back on what we’ve achieved for the past quarter.

But first, an announcement of a significant shift in direction for ProjectOasis.

Pivot! ProjectOasis is Shifting Gears

Another week, another weekly meeting. After much discussion and planning, we have made the crucial decision to pivot for the long-term success of the project.

Look ma, no hands!

We are shifting from gamified DeFi (focused on activities such as staking or participating in IDOs/INOs) to an ecosystem of games that empowers indie developers and creators while creating a seamless bridge for users from Web2 to enter the Web3 space.

This article will cover the developments we’ve been working on to facilitate this.

The New Direction

ProjectOasis will serve as a game distribution platform, where we incubate indie game developers and give them the exposure and monetization vehicle to grow, while the Oasis metaverse acts as the glue that brings it all together with its unique social experience.

Players will get to explore different games in the Oasis metaverse and take part in the development process, while also having the option to participate in play-and-earn elements built on Web3 technology.

What Does It Mean for the $OASIS Token?

We’re currently developing a token model which makes $OASIS a key part of the new ecosystem to ensure steady long-term growth. We will release more details as the ecosystem continues to grow and develop.

$OASIS will be a key component of our new ecosystem

Throwing Out the (Public) Roadmap

We have decided to remove the public roadmap. From our experience, releasing our roadmap publicly raises a lot of expectations where what is shown is not always in line with our internal roadmap and development timelines. Our roadmap is meant to serve as a guideline to indicate the direction we are heading in, but not meant to be a strict play-by-play.

Our new direction might have shifted us onto a new lane, but our core vision and destination have not changed.

Instead of a roadmap showing a list of things to check off, we will be publishing more in-depth updates on our development progress through our Medium articles, OASIS Diaries, and social media announcements.

Onto the Q3 Recap

As we are making a big change in terms of our project’s direction, we’ve had to reorganize our priorities. The first phase will be focused on onboarding game developers and game integrations to the Oasis metaverse. The second phase will be growing the player base and keeping them engaged through core gameplay and economy loops.

Thus, what we have completed in Q3 differs considerably from what we had set out to achieve at the start of the quarter. Some items we have previously mentioned that are not aligned with our new direction will have to be shelved, while some will take a backseat due to being of lower priority.

Q3 Recap Overview

✅Integration of Minigames in the Oasis Metaverse
✅Game Developer Onboarding Platform*

✅POAP Event Center*
✅Partner Building & Interactable Partner Module
✅Beginnings of the Multiverse*

✅Omni-Present NFT*
✅Social Expression Module*

*October update launch

Integration of Games in the Oasis Metaverse

Four new games with more on the way! These games were developed internally and manually integrated as part of the testing phase in preparation for the game developer onboarding platform.

1, 2, 3… where’s the other one?

Game Developer Onboarding Platform

We are developing a dashboard and game integration system to make it easy for game developers to upload games to the Oasis metaverse and allow them to quickly reach users. Game developers will have the option to utilize plugins from ProjectOasis such as Web3 game infrastructure, multiplayer and matchmaking engines, monetization models, and more.

POAP Event Center

The Event Center lets you keep track of the latest events in Oasis where you can complete tasks featuring various games. It was designed to increase engagement and promote the games in Oasis.

The Event Center utilizes the Proof of Attendance Protocol (POAP), which uses blockchain technology to keep track of your in-game actions. For every task you complete, you can claim a specific POAP NFT badge for the task which serves as on-chain proof. (Note: You will not need to pay gas fees to mint these NFT badges)

Complete the tasks, claim the task badges, then claim your rewards once all the tasks are completed! New events will be added periodically so keep checking back!

Snippet of the Event Center menu

In-depth Partner Integration

Partner Building Exterior Redesign

Every one of our partners deserves their own unique design! We’ve made sure to remodel each partner building to suit our map redesign.

Partner Building Interior Design

A building is not complete without a fully furnished interior! Make sure to check out the special rooms in the specially customized partner building interiors.

Chillin’ with the monstas

Interactable Partnership Module — Updated

Talk to the NPCs in the buildings to access the partnership module which will give you more info about our respective partners.

Beginnings of the Multiverse

Upgrading to Web2-friendly User Account System & Simplified Login Process

We will be transitioning away from the current account creation and login system which involves multiple steps that are mainly familiar to Web3 users (mnemonics phrase, network selection, connecting to MetaMask wallet). Our new social login and user account creation process has been simplified to make it easy for Web2 users to onboard our system.

How the New Social Login System Works

Connect using your email or preferred social media account to login. A new user account will be created for you the first time you connect using a particular social media. Your account is tied to an Oasis wallet ID that is automatically generated for you. Now, there is no need to own an existing wallet to join the Oasis metaverse. No need to remember secret phrases or passwords either.

Chain Agnostic with the Option to Bind your Web3 Wallet

You can still bind any existing wallets you own to your Oasis account. All previous data such as NFTs and $NUGS owned is kept and will be reflected in-game when connected to the wallet.

Soon enough we’ll be welcoming more friends across the Crypto-verse!

Omni-Present NFT

Through our inventory system, you can view and equip compatible NFTs stored in wallets that are bound to your Oasis account. This includes Oasis Attributed NFTs, Oasis Event NFTs, and third-party NFTs (partners, game developers, etc).

Your NFT data is not limited to Oasis but is openly accessible and can be used in other games or platforms.

Social Expression Module

Emotes (Previously called “Gestures”)

Show off your moves and express yourself with emotes in the Oasis metaverse! More than words can say, sometimes you just need to let your avatar body do the talking.

Express yourself with our new Emote system!

You can expect to see these features in the upcoming Oasis update real soon! (Hint: We’ll be throwing a celebration for a special event in October together with this update)

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