Save Christmas Event

Twas the time of the year, where snowflakes started to fall from the sky, signifying the start of the season. The island of Oasis is bathed and clothed in a beautiful white dress.

Throughout Oasis, the farmer Natives began their final harvests of the season as the crops cease to grow once winter comes.

Ribbons, bells, and lights can be seen all around the island as the Natives start decorating their houses for the festivities to come. Smiles can be seen everywhere as the Natives are shopping for their Christmas gifts.

Every year, the Natives of Oasis celebrate Christmas as a week-long event. Throughout the week, they exchange gifts with one another, sing Christmas carols, share a feast in town and much more. It is a time filled with joy and laughter.

As Christmas approaches, the nearby creatures and monsters come to the town in search of food. Every winter, the Natives would have to fend them off to protect their harvest.

Help them Save Christmas!

Duration of Event: 14:00PM UTC 26th December 2021— 00:00AM UTC 1st January 2022

Reward for completion: Santa Claus NFT

Complete all the quests and you will be whitelisted to mint your Santa Claus NFT.

Below is the list of quests that you will need to complete. The first quest starts with the Snowman John.

The symbols on the NPCs might be slightly bugged at the moment. Please refer to the quests list to ensure that you have completed the task.

After you play the “Save Christmas” minigame and reach >100 points, you will have to return to Gerard and talk to him to complete the quest.

Head over to to get started.

Below is a guide to minting your Santa Claus NFT.

Step 1 — Move towards the bottom of the map and the NFT Minting Machine will be on your left.

Step 2 — Click on the NFT Minting Machine.

Step 3 — Click on the Santa Claus Christmas NFT banner that you won and you can see the details there. For this minting session, the price for the NFTs will be 0 OASIS tokens as they are free. Click on “Mint”.

Step 4— Click on “Confirm”. A metamask prompt will appear. Click on “Confirm”. The transaction will require a small amount of BNB for gas.

Step 5 — Once you’re done with the minting, press the “i” key on your keyboard to open up the inventory page. You should be able to see your NFT in the inventory and you will be able to equip it.

Please stay tuned for more updates in the future. If you have any question, please reach out to us using any of the platforms below.






#BSC #GameFi #NFT #Metaverse #ProjectOasis

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#BSC #GameFi #NFT #Metaverse #ProjectOasis

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