Series 1 Attributed NFT Sale

Hey Natives,

The Series 1 Oasis Attributed NFT Sale will be on the 28th of November 2021. If you are interested in a bit of a story/lore, please check out this article.

The Series 1 is done in collaboration with Roflchoptar, a graphic designer with a strong passion in illustrations.

Due to the recent increase in our community members as well as requests from partners, we have decided to increase the mint amount from 1000 NFTs to 1500 NFTs.

The Series 1 will consist of only 1500 NFTs with varying looks and only 30 one-of-one NFTs. The NFTs will have different rarities ranging from common to unique.

When you purchase an Attributed NFT, you will receive a NFT in your inventory in the form of a picture on a card that can also be used as an in-game avatar.

ProjectOasis NFTs are not mere JPEGs. It can be used in our metaverse as well as reward holders for simply having it in their wallet.

We have more utilites planned for the NFTs but that will be revealed later on.

Attributed NFT Sale Details

-1500 NFTs to be minted (Maximum Mint 1 per wallet)

- Full Price $300 in OASIS-BNB ApeSwap LP (price to be pegged 30 minutes before sale)
- 10% Discount $270 in OASIS-BNB ApeSwap LP (price to be pegged 30 minutes before sale)
*Discount applies to all whitelisted addresses
*We are using OASIS-BNB LP as the currency for transaction as we want to make sure that all our Natives familiarize themselves with the process of making LP tokens

- 14:00PM UTC 28th November 2021 (whitelisted addresses)
- 14:15PM UTC 28th November 2021 (public sale — first come first serve)

Here is the guide for minting the Attributed NFTs

We will be taking a screenshot of the raffle tickets to draw winners that will get whitelisted for the sale. There will be a total of 450 whitelist slots allocated for the raffle ticket draw. Winners will have a headstart to mint 1 Attributed NFT. If you have more raffle tickets, you will stand a higher chance to win a slot. Each wallet will only be able to win once. For more information on raffle tickets, please refer to this article.

We have a gleam competition right now with 150 whitelist slots to be given away. Winners will have a headstart to mint 1 Attributed NFT. The gleam competition will be ending on the 24th of November 2021

Here is the link to the gleam competition.

Apart from that, we have 3 competitions on-going on discord. Join to stand a chance to win an Attributed NFT for free. They will all be on the ProjectOasis official discord. There are links below that will lead you to the specific channel to post your content in. Contest Ends on November 26th at 08:00AM UTC!

Lore contest — 3 winners- Write your very own lore of Oasis! — #lore-contest

Content contest ( artwork, avatars, Videos) — 3 winners- Create any type of content related to Oasis, music, artwork,videos and anything else! — #content-creation-contest

Meme contest — 3 winners — Make funny, quirky and silly memes for Oasis! — #meme-contest

Visit the discord channels above for more info! Contest Ends on November 25th at 7.59AM!

If you are a new member to our discord channel, please go to the #get-a-role channel to get verified.

Rarity Distribution

Important Notes

All Attributed NFTs will be given Airdrop Points for Yggdrasil depending on their rarity.

Attributed NFTs will be tradeable on AGORA after minting. If you sell your NFT, you will not be able to use it as an in-game avatar. You will also stop receiving Airdrop Points from Yggdrasil.

Attributed NFTs will be purely for cosmetic purposes and will not come with any benefits for future Play-to-Earn.

Key Words

NFT — Non-fungible tokens. NFTs can be anything digital (music, artwork, websites etc) that is represented in the form of a token. In this instance, it will be for an Artwork that will show in your wallet as well as an in-game avatar.

Whitelist — A whitelist is a “permission” that allows the “whitelisted” address to participate in a certain event. In this instance, it will be for the Attributed NFT sale.

Yggdrasil — An Airdrop Tree within the Oasis Metaverse. By interacting with Yggdrasil, users can see a list of tasks that they can perform to earn Airdrop Points, which will allow them to earn some tokens every week.

AGORA — An NFT marketplace that exists only in the Oasis Metaverse. Users will be able to freely trade their NFTs on AGORA.

Please stay tuned for more updates in the future. If you have any questions, please reach out to us using any of the platforms below.









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#BSC #GameFi #NFT #Metaverse #ProjectOasis

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