Strategic Partnership Announcement — Portalverse Network X ProjectOasis

Portalverse Network is the first-mover initiator of a decentralized protocol for streaming games and interactive content via blockchain technology. Through cloud computing, Portalverse gives everyone access to the metaverse on any device by removing hardware barriers. They will serve as the solution to address the rendering bottlenecks of the metaverse. The team’s brilliant capabilities and professionalism in the cloud gaming industry will greatly assist us to realize our vision of building a free and open metaverse for everyone.

ProjectOasis and Portalverse have come together to co-build interoperability between metaverses which enables free circulation of in-game assets. We will also provide mutual support for our platforms’ native games. Our game incubation and publisher program is on its way and a series of games will be released across both our platforms. Stay tuned for upcoming community events and development updates!

Wayne Lei, Cofounder of Portalverse Network said:

FS, Cofounder of ProjectOasis said:

About ProjectOasis

ProjectOasis is a web-based social game that lets users participate in DeFi in a gamified way. The Oasis Metaverse is an ecosystem of gamified blockchain services and products where you can gather to play games, socialize, and perform DeFi activities in-game such as staking crypto tokens, NFT minting, participating in IDOs, and more. There are also “participate-to-earn” elements, where meta-natives will be rewarded for participating in tasks within the metaverse in the form of quests and minigames. In the PVE minigame, OASIS Vanguard, users can kill enemies, climb the leaderboards, and earn OASIS Nuggets which can be used to enter raffles for prizes in their reward center.

About Portalverse Network

Portalverse is building a decentralized cloud gaming network. It enables everyone to enter open and immersive virtual worlds (MMOs) through the MaaS infrastructure. In other words, Portalverse facilitates ordinary players to enter the immersive metaverse which they truly own at any time, from anywhere, and on any device. This will be achieved by establishing a community-based cloud-native protocol serving as the infrastructure of the metaverse.

Imagine playing ProjectOasis and other games on a handheld device!

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