Welcome To The Lunar New Year Event!

Every year, people from all over the world celebrate Chinese New Year or Lunar New Year. However, many do not know the origin of the traditions that come along with the celebrations.

According to ancient lore, the Nian (Year) beast would attack villagers and devour them during the Lunar New Year. Every year, the villagers would run and hide in the mountains to avoid the Nian beast until one year, a wise old sage came to the village. The villagers had thought him mad for daring to face the Nian beast.

The old sage prepared bamboo that when burnt would make a crackling and popping sound as well as red papers and clothes. He covered the houses with red papers and waited for the Nian beast to appear. When the Nian beast approached the village, it began to avoid the houses with the red papers stuck on them and that is when the old sage went in front of it and lit up the bamboo. The loud sounds and bright red clothes shocked and scared the Nian beast away. The villagers that saw that came running down the mountain and thanking the wise old sage for saving their village. From then on, they were no longer afraid of the Nian beast.

Thus began the tradition of sticking red papers on the front door of houses and lighting firecrackers during the Lunar New Year.

On the island of Oasis, the Natives began preparing for the yearly festivities. It is a time of giving, laughter and joy. Chinese New Year, or Lunar New Year comes with many different traditions and most of the younger Natives do not know the origin of the traditions.

This year, the elders are intent on passing down the stories and history of the Chinese New Year.

Help them prepare and learn more about the festivities and their traditions.

Hey Natives,

In the spirit of celebrations, we have created a Chinese New Year Quest for you. For the celebrations, we have prepared the Three Gods (SanXing) NFTs as rewards for completing the quests.

(Fortune, Prosperity, Longevity)

Reward for completion: Random 1 out of 3 Three Gods (SanXing) NFT.

Apart from that, we also have a “Wishing Well” in our Chinatown map.

You can go to the “Wishing Well” and “Contribute” 1 OASIS token into the well and by the end of our event, 3 random winners will be chosen and airdropped OASIS tokens from the well. We will start off with dropping 500 OASIS tokens into the well.

*Only users who contribute will be eligible to win*

Each user can only “Contribute” 1 OASIS token into the well.

1st place 50% of total OASIS in Wishing Well
2nd place 30% of total OASIS in Wishing Well
3rd place 20% of total OASIS in Wishing Well

Here is a guide on how to contribute to the “Wishing Well” :


Duration of Chinese New Year Event: 14:00PM UTC 12th February 2022–14:00PM UTC 28th February 2022

Complete all the Main Quest and you will be whitelisted to mint your Three Gods (SanXing) NFT.

Head over to game.projectoasis.io to get started. If you need help or a guide for the event, go to https://medium.com/@projectoasis/the-lunar-new-year-quest-guide-a4b06f1e855f

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